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the noted challenge?

WHAT: Noted is a challenge. A handwritten, digital challenge of creation where inspiration and kindness is passed through the world one letter, postcard, e-card at a time. A million different notes of kindness is our goal, and I know that TOGETHER we can do this!


WHY: We are living in an age of craziness, one that questions the capabilities of humanity to go outside, better yet, give to others. But we can’t forget that we are human and we MUST stick together because at the end of the day we are a team- one big, bold, human race. Sometimes all it takes is a little note to remind someone of their power- that anything is possible, that dreams can still happen; people still need to be encouraged to be who they are, to shine bright. That is where Noted comes in. 


WHO: Anyone can create a card, anyone can share kind thoughts that bring joy- it takes less than an hour! Create ONE to start with, create more as you see fit, and every time you give away a card, let me know and I can mark us one card closer to a million! Imagine a million kind thoughts- a million shades of perspective and appreciation- it is light in a rough time- joy that will make millions smile. We are in this together because we respect each other. There are people in our lives- people we appreciate, people we look up to, people who have influenced the way we think, and people who might just need a little piece of love reminding them to keep moving forward. Think about reaching out to your favorite restaurants, small businesses, public service officers, your neighbors, friends, people on the streets, create for THEM. Spread love, spread light, spread a world of joy! (Some of the digital postcard companies below will even ship internationally!)


Through this challenge I want to promote joy in the small things- JOY that WE can CREATE. Below are a few different options that will enable us to pass on the joy and reach one million cards of kindness as a community. 

HOW: This challenge is focusing on creating cards from the heart, super positive, get inspiration from bible verses, poems, Pinterest Quotes, include Handmade poems, meaningful song lyrics, movie quotes, just joyfulness and things that bring people together. These are more than just something that says 'happy birthday' or 'happy mothers day' they are created to remind others of kindness, joyfulness, and self worth, so please make sure to keep this in mind! If you need some help to get you started, here are some prompts:

• Why do you love/ like this person or place?

• What makes them special?

• Special Memories with said person/place?

• Words that remind you of them- why do they remind you of them? ***

After figuring out who you'd like to write for, please complete one of the following options below for assembling your card:


There are a couple ways to create and share!

OPtion 1 In Depth: HanD-Given 

Hand Crafted, Hand Delivered: Many people have access to a pen, markers, and some paper, for that is all you need! I motivate you guys to play around with art supplies- create cards of creativity, but more importantly, create cards from your heart. Whether you are giving your card to a stranger or to your mom, be kind and put some thought into your creations! Whether it is an illustration on the front of a piece of paper and you write your message on the back, a traditional greeting card, a simple letter on a sheet of paper preaching to someone how much you love them, use your creative minds and just start making! You can hand these out to strangers, to your neighbors, friends, mail them wherever and to whoever you feel comfortable. 


OPtion 2 In Depth: E-Given

E-Card creation: I know what many of you are probably thinking with option 1...COVID Alert! BUT there is a beautiful solution! I have done some research and found a few places where you can create your very own greeting cards online and send them via the internet. This means that all you can still create, but instead of going out in public, you can take a picture of your artwork and send it out via email/ text/ etc! The bullet points below are my three favorite companies that can help you do this:


  • not only is this an app you can easily download on your phone, but it will let you upload your photograph/ artwork to the front of the postcard, let you type a message on the back, and will send a physical card out to the recipient without you even leaving your house! I believe their standard rate per card is $2.29, but your recipient gets an actual card in the mail!

  • Postable is another option- they are the most expensive at $2.49 per post card, but they are printed on all recycled material and show up as physical cards to your recipient’s address.

  • This next option is FREE! It is a completely online platform that allows you to put together e-cards for free and email them to whoever you’d like! I love this option because it’s free, and it saves paper! Also, it’s perfect for those who want it COMPLETELY customizable, you can upload a custom design tailoring the entire greeting card however you’d like it!


For this option, I encourage you to create your own artwork(s) or use an image personal to you. Just like option 1, create to your heart's content, but this is a safer way to send notes of kindness if you’re stuck at home. You don’t need a fancy camera to take a picture of your artwork, just upload your image and send 'em onto the website/ app/ whichever you choose!

BOTH of these options allow endless opportunities to create, make, and spread joy! Keep in mind that you don't have to be an amazing 'artist' to create something amazing, just create, share, and shine!


Every time you create a card, please fill out the attached GOOGLE FORM and I can tally up all of the cards being created and given (updated on a weekly basis!) It will ask you for a picture, so please make sure to get one of you either creating the cards, giving out the cards, your finished card(s) together, your computer screen, etc. (Just some proof of creation!) You can share your cards on social media and use #notedgoodness to cultivate a community of inspiration and card creation. Whether you’re a brilliant artist or not, it doesn’t take Picasso to develop a beautiful card- you make it beautiful when it comes from the heart! If you find joy when creating the card, whoever receives your card will be filled will just as much glee. Do you feel inspired?! Are you ready to make a piece of joy?! REMEMBER, it’s the thought that counts, so get going on your cards! It’s a good day to make others smile!

**FOR ONLINE CREATION PHOTO PROOF: If you're using digital images, just take screenshots of your process/ the sent screen.**



Many of you might be looking for something to do to receive volunteer hours this summer, some of you might not be able to leave your house! Here is a way you can share joy while volunteering your time anywhere to make the world a happier place! Whether you’re at home, out and about, picnicking at a park, bring some art supplies, write some notes, be creative, and be kind. To receive your hours, please fill in the optional sections on the google form above and I will email you a certificate of however many hours you spent creating and sending cards- this is on the honor system, and the pictures you take/ share will be your proof. (No pictures, no certificate, so please share your creation!)



YOU are important, your voice is important, so let it be heard and let it be kind. I want to make sure EVERYONE (artistically creative or otherwise) is full of fire and inspiration, so I’m creating weekly posts in my blog to get those creative juices flowing! I will also be coming out with 4 free illustrations every week you can use/ print/ drag and drop on your desktop/ send out if you don’t want to physically make your own illustrations. You can find all the images and Inspiration on my blog or scroll down on this page! (see the main menu of this website) I just ask that the message you put with the cards is again, positive and kind!


I look forward to seeing your cards! We can DO THIS! We can reach ONE MILLION cards TOGETHER!

Feel free to share your cards on social media and SPREAD the word using #notedgoodness 

For any questions/comments/concerns please feel free to email me:

Thank you guys and gals!

Melissa Richardson

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