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American Eagle / Aerie Print Internship

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June-August 2023


New York City

An unforgettable 2023 Intern summer working in Manhattan with the Aerie x American Eagle Print Design team! From learning all of the Kaledo Design programs, understanding the realm of textile design and surface pattern on a deeper level, interacting with people in all different positions within the AE brand, and meeting some of the most talented people EVER, I had such an amazing experience!
My manager, Avery Oh, was a SCAD Grad as well and taught me so much about scaling a print- what customers respond to! We even went on team trips to the MET, the Design Library, and the Premier Vision print Expo to gather inspiration and prints we could manipulate and make our own for BTS/ Holiday 2024!!
I'm so thankful and honored to have been given this experience! Here is some of the work I created as part of an intern project. Along with my 6 other FABULOUS Aerie interns in various departments, we came together to pitch this collection inspired by Aerie Summer 2024! From Marketing strategy to print design- I don't know what I love more- the print or simply conceptualizing the mock-campaign launch! Enjoy ;)

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