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Fashion Scholarship Fund 2023 & 2024

Project Type

Fashion Design Case Study


October 2022, October 2023

Step into my fashion-focused Product design case studies that focus on two fabulous designers! As a scholarship winner these last two years, I wanted to share with y'all my projects inspired by some of the most empowering women I have researched: Stella Jean and JJ Martin!

FSF 2022/2023 Case Study: This project focuses on Stella Jean- after researching her initiative with the UN (Laboratorio delle Nazioni) which focuses on finding indigenous cultural crafts and integrating them into her fashion collections, I created a mock collection that would develop that collection into a partnership with a local weaving commune in Sri Lanka. Flip through the presentation below to see my interpretation of Stella Jean's Fall/Winter 2025 womenswear collection!

FSF 2023/2024 Case Study: A collection based on Mama Milano herself, JJ Martin, this collection is truly a collaboration between illustration and fashion design. With a prompt that wanted us to select a brand focused on Environmental, Social, Governance- based practices (sustainability), I was elated to choose La Double J to produce my Case Study. Not only does La Double J manufacture all of their products locally in Italy, they also empower women spiritually in a way that develops a community of confident, inspired people.

Both brands possess incredibly positive, color heavy garments that I personally connect with on so many levels. To research these brands- innovative technologies in fashion, and ways in which we can do better for our planet within the fashion industry has been a beautiful experience! I hope you enjoy looking through these and may it inspire you to create some joy!

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