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Cards, Cards, Digital Cards!

What is up guys! I hope your week has been fabulous and your minds have been cultivating wonders! So this is my first post of digital art prints that you all can drag onto your desktop and use to send cards, notes of goodness, and all sorts of love, laughs, and inspiration to your friends, family, home-dawgs, etc.!

For the next couple weeks, I will be having a card series- 'cards' 'art prints' whatever you call them, they are here, and they are yours to send, share, and I really hope these will inspire you to create! This week all the cards are digital prints, next week they'll be painted; one week'll be watercolor, another acrylic, we'll see how it goes! Again, EXPERIMENTING! Haha!

Let's get into digital! I know, weird starting with digital, you'd think we'd start back in time and work our way forward, but this time we're switching things up- WE are going backwards! Digital Art has only JUST come to us; in the scheme of billions of years from the beginning of time on this planet, it has only been in the last 30 years where art and design surrounding the INTERNET has come into fruition. You have Pablo Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, renowned artists known to many outside the art realm- the generations before them that brought artistic muse through eras such as impressionism, romanticism, realism- eras that influence art even today. Milton Glazer, Seymour Chwast, Mary Blair more current artists that were able to begin bridging the gap as the creation of art was played with in relation to technology. Pop art, animation, logo design, art changing a once realistic, impressionistic view of art with an eye for aesthetic design instead of creating the perfect work for gallery. and now, the 21st century comes around and we are full blown DIGITAL! Digital design, graphic arts, so many different- endless possibilities!

Possibilities! Now, here are 4 digital designs that I created on ProCreate. A fun little app for the IPad that really makes digital drawing FUN! With brushes, textures, any color you can think of, ProCreate is the most AMAZING platform! For the drawings below, I chose a 4x6 format-- from there I created a color palette that housed similar colors. I used the Shale brush to draw out the words, added colorful layers to the backdrop, and woola! A colorful, graphically created Jpeg!

Now take these, share these, post these, and inspire the world through artistic messages! CREATE your own, be YOU! You can inspire the world through color because at the end of the day we are not black or white- we are a beautiful array of ROY G BIV- a rainbow of endless shine!


Your girl,


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