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Jacket Jams: Painting Denim Jackets

Well guys, this weeks post is going to be short and sweet!

I've never been much of a jacket wearer. I have my hoodie, my letterman, when it's cold, but when it comes to denim I've been skeptical. Where do you wear a denim jacket, Why wear a denim jacket instead of a hoodie? What is the perfect weather to wear a piece of un-insulatable cloth? After analyzing my classmates, people watching at work, understanding the concept of the denim jacket I've figured it out. Style. It is, like this outfit-painting series, a reflection of your style- an outfit booster, an artsy application to everyday clothing. It's light in the spring, yet has sleeves that can roll up in summer months. It is the best jacket for hanging with friends, going out at night, not to mention gender neutral!

It also occurred to me: As an artist, a denim jacket is definitely a stereotype. Think about it- in movies, what do artists wear? When you think of a typical 21st century artist, how do you envision them dressing? All the artists I know where a jean jacket. My mom has one, all my art class friends upper and lower classmen alike- even the guys- wear their very own jean jacket, so I figured it was about time I invested in the style trend of the generation. That being said, I didn't want some ordinary denim jacket, hell no. If I was going to Marshalls and spending $20 on a piece of clothing, I was going to make it just the way I wanted. That is where this tutorial comes in- me making my jacket one of a kind. And SO CAN YOU!

On a side note, Sophomore year of high school I had an obsession with fabric, I actually spent my genius hour (an hour every Friday in chemistry where we could explore/ learn/ create something new in any topic we wanted) making a jean vest-jacket inspired by all different textiles. I printed my own denim fabric from Contrado, created a pattern based off my mom's denim jacket, added some embroidery patches, and created a whole weaving for the back of the jacket. I experimented with all sorts of fabric techniques ultimately creating a vest full of creativity and joy! The only problem- it wasn't very wearable.

Flash forward over a year and I've decided to attempt once again the creation of a jean jacket, however this time I'd create one that fit and felt right when I wore it. My solution instead of building: painting.

Alrighty, without further ado, HERE WE GO!

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Jean Jacket (old or new!)

  • Gesso (Or white paint mixed with fabric Medium!)

  • GAC 900 Fabric Medium

  • Painters tape

  • Acrylic Paint of any color (I use Basics brand, but I hear Golden brand works super well!)

  • Paint brushes (unless you want to go full on finger paint mode)

  • Angelus Acrylic Finisher (I'm messing around with different finishers, so hopefully it works out!)

  • Optional: Heat Gun (this helps things dry a little quicker), Fabric Trim

This set up is a little different compared to the usual, but all you have to do is click on a picture and it'll tell you the step in the description! Have fun and enjoy making your beautiful jackets!!

Step 1: GATHER YOUR MATERIALS! Above is a list of materials to help you out!

Step 2: TAPE! Start by taping off your paint area so you don't have to worry about getting paint in areas you don't want to get paint in!

Step 3: ADD THAT GESSO! Create a base coat known as 'gesso' by mixing a teaspoon of fabric medium for every tablespoon of white paint. Cover the entire area you wish to paint!

Step 4: SKETCH: When all is dry, sketch your concept on the jacket.

Step 5: PAINT: I decided to paint my background coat on first- going over my sketches, but made sure to keep a picture of my sketch that I could refer back too! Make sure to mix in that fabric medium using the same ratio as step 3.

Step 6: PAINT...MORE! Now begin your design- I definitely just created as I went, adding fabric medium to all of my acrylic colors!

Step 7: DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS! Add a saying you like, add some dots and stripes, go CRAZY! I decided to add some trim to mine which you can or you don't have to do! I took the tape off after everything dried.

Step 8: FINISHER: I decided to use Angelus finisher- it's what my little brother uses on his painted shoes, so I figured why not give it a try- seal the deal literally!

Step 9: YAY! Wash your brushes and Vwoola! YOU HAVE CREATED YOUR VERY OWN JACKET!!!

I hope you had a BLAST creating your jacket- trying something new- creating something that you can wear, cherish, and LOVE for years to come!

Now I dare you to find something- any piece of clothing, any pillow, old piece of cloth, and EXPERIMENT! Paint, add sequins, trim, beautify what is before you and know that not everything will work out, but there is HOPE! Follow that hope and do something magically joyful today whether that's painting, creating, trying something old or new, everyday is a good day to enjoy yourself- treat yo' self, so treat yo' self to something fun!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Your Girl,


NOTE: HAND WASH ONLY!!! It'll mess up your washer, so keep it simple and HAND WASH!

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