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Mel's Masterpiece

Hello Everyone!

I must invite you to settle in, for this is going to be an interesting ride! I am not an avid reader or writer, but as an expert crafter and creator I figured why not give blogging a try! That's right... Here WE go! I say 'we' because as a community we are in this together- inspiring one another to challenge our creativity, embark on small adventures, see the world through a new perspective!

Blogging is about content- about what you do with that content, so I am am going to throw a whole mix of craft, exploration, and creation across multi-medias to get our minds spinning, wheels running, and spirits learning something new! I would love for you all to look at these posts with open eyes, an open mind, and try something, anything that inspires your heart! Not everything will be successful, not everything will be a failure, but I guess that's why they call it an experiment! WE ARE EXPERIMENTING!

(I tried keeping this short and sweet!)

See you all on the battlefield, sorry, 'crafting' field!

Your girl,


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