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#NotedGoodness Challenge Inspiration!

What is up guys, it is your girl Melissa and here we are, on my blog, and I have come up with a very exciting challenge. That's right... or should I say 'that's write!' In this Noted challenge, I want us to create and share 1 million cards with the people we love or even random strangers! You can read all about it under the 'Noted Challenge' tab of the website.

THIS post here is some inspiration to get your wheels spinning, ideas churning, and creation started!

Create, create, create! There's no telling the endless color combos, sayings, people that you can make smile!

What is a theme? WELL, a theme is like a message- the uplifting, literary, verbal accumulation of your thoughts or image. Whether it's a pun to get your message across, a quote that drives your heart, or a letter from your heart, your message portrays what you feel! There are many different ways to incorporate theme into your card, so I challenge you to explore at your heart's content!

COLOR! Oh how I love the sight, sound, touch of color! The splash of yellows symbolizing sunshine- brightening up a room, the subtleness of blues adding a sense of calm. Color is every where, and in many a good design you will see a color palette. What is a color palette? I have learned through graphic design that a color palette is the ONLY 4-6 colors used throughout a design. You can use more for sure, but it may give a more illustration-ist vibe. Totally cool! I challenge you guys to try making some cards where you maintain a consistant color palette. Have fun with color, for it's all around us!

Geometric and organic shape; the fundamentally learned circle, square, rectangle and the globs, blobs, and loosely configured edges that close in a shape. You can fold, cut, create pop-up cards, and create a masterpiece all your own! Have fun with it- create a postcard, or create a different shape- go on pinterest, google search 'card ideas' HAVE FUN!

Who do you write a letter to? The real question is who do you want to write a letter to? Who in your life would find you in the letter they receive- would that be your employer, your friend, a mentor or teacher, ANYONE can receive a letter. Even strangers in a grocery store can be given a letter if they accept it. Challenge yourself to write to an acquaintance- someone you don't usually talk to. Whatever you do, whoever you decide to share your letters with, have an open mind and BE KIND! The world is your canvas- a sea of over 7 billion people! Share and care- WE got this!

So check out the challenge, be INSPIRED, and CREATE! I'll be posting cards that everyone can download and print/ share/ send to all their people! Ready, set, GO!!

Have loads of fun!

Your girl,


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