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Podcast is HERE... Kind of!

Long time no see folks!

It has been quite the holiday season! First off, I'd like to introduce myself no longer Melissa Richardson the high school student, but Melissa Richardson who will be attending UT Austin THIS FALL. Isn't that crazy? Life is so crazy! The moment I have dreamed of for my entire life is here, now, and I feel nothing but blessed to go to a university that captures all the wonder and joy that one could possibly dream of! I'm still waiting to see if I get into the design school, but I'm going to college!

That was a fun tidbit, now down to business! The last time I checked in with you guys, my podcast was underway here at the Richardson house, but I had no idea how I was going to publish it, what other content I would be pushing out, it was just a lot of concept and not too much fruition. But you all know me- If I say I'm doing something, I'll get er' done and get er' done with a smile on my face... unless it's math related- than that'll definitely have a tear or two in the middle of the smiles, lol! ANYWAY, I found this amazing app called Anchor. I was able to sync the Mp4's I had already made into the app, and I can make my podcasts straight from the app itself too. I'm telling you finding this App was a God thing- a total God thing. It must have been around November because I remember feeling like a hypocrite for doing this podcast one day after physics- I felt really down and stressed and confused and was like 'I am not the person who should be talking confidence when I feel so unconfident,' but then this app popped up on Instagram. Gotta love the technology bugs tracking what we're into am I right! SO I downloaded the app. I figured I should stick with this podcast because maybe doing something like this will not only inspire others, but through helping others- even if it merely puts a smile on someone's face, the message could help me as well. Handle stress, handle anxiety, handle life in general- that's what I love- what's so wonderful, that no matter who you are -at least I hope- you can get something wonderful from the podcast!

I just published my first three episodes today, RIGHT NOW!! Not gonna lie, they get shorter every time, but I'm hoping to keep them all around 10-15 minutes. Not too short, not too long, but just enough to get my message across and inspire a little wonderful into people's days!

The first episode is about confidence- what confidence is, where it comes from, etc. The second episode is all about hope and dreams- though now thinking about it I kinda wish I separated them because dreams would be a fun one by itself... Maybe I'll just create one anyway! But I think it's good, I smile when listening to it. And the third is one that I made today is about fear. For my @Melmotivates Instagram, I'm pushing 'face your fears' this week. Fear facing, confidence building, unstoppable girl power at its finest!

On that note, I have been getting into Instagram- not the post selfies everyday kind of Instagram, but actual marketing and promoting MYSELF content. I hope that's not selfish, lol! But I figured create something that can reach a large audience- what's larger than the world wide web? (I guess lots of things, but you get what I'm saying!) I really would love to kick off a brand that people will love just as much as I love it! I'm trying out a couple different styles to see what works best, but that's the fun about experiments- the results are ALL different!

(Cover of Podcast pictured- I know, the model is fabulous, isn't she!;)

Back to the Podcast! It's called "Workin' in the Wonderful" by Melissa Richardson and you can find it on Spotify TODAY. I got so giddy looking it up after I clicked publish, and THERE IT WAS in my search engine like any famous songwriter! My Picture, My podcast, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. CRAZY! I'm so excited for my little brother to make his podcast and feel what I felt seeing it for the first time! Here is the link, I'll be adding episodes every week hopefully- no promises, your girl is a busy workin' woman!

CHECK IT OUT!! I dare you ;-)

I hope you all are having a WONDERFUL January!!

Never forget to DREAM BUG and SHINE Bright!!




You're girl,


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