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Posca (Marker) Cards!

Updated: May 1, 2021

What is up guys!

So this morning I experimented with one of my favorite mediums, a medium that we've all used since we were little kids, and a medium that takes vibrancy to the next level... Markers!

What I absolutely LOVE about markers are the sheer amount of brands, kinds, tips, textures, inks used to create a single product with endless opportunity! Markers- Crayola has always been my go-to for years, and I know what you artsy people are saying: 'using Crayola, over prisma color... over Copic?' Copics are supposedly the best brand, which I completely understand NOW, but until last summer I never really understood the difference between the affordable crayola markers in contrast to fancier 'better' brands. I had always just assumed markers were markers and sure some may be more vibrant than others, but does it really make THAT much of a difference? The short answer, Yes- there is a difference. The long answer comes with a story.

I was back in Sophomore year; most people assume Junior year is the worst, but any of you guys in Pre-AP English II know that the worst year is sophomore year, for workload alone surpassed junior year by double. Anyway, the only way I got through the workload of Sophomore year was my art class. A place where imagination is constantly creating and people are constantly experimenting with new mediums. It was the one place I didn't have to worry about the math problems I didn't understand, the chemistry quiz I had to retake, or the English reading that took all my energy to finish a single page; it was freedom to create. A senior in my 7th period art class had always carried around her Concept art markers, for Markers were her go-to, and her style really worked with those markers. Being the curious person I am, I asked her about Markers in general, what's the difference between A and B. After our conversation she let me test out her fancy markers and I finally understood. The colors are not just more vibrant, but the multi-tip pen was able to adapt to all size lines that we could have needed. The strokes were smooth on the bristol board, smooth like a paint stroke. Where crayola there's a lot of forceful writing to contain a steady line, these fancier markers made it effortlessly smooth to create what my mind desired. My mind was in Epiphany mode- I finally understood the difference between A and B, and after understanding the difference, there was no going back.

Okay, so being real, markers are so darn expensive- copics are like 64$ for a pack of 8- something like that, so at first I was hesitant. I still have not bought copics to this day, but I have treated myself to prismacolor markers (very similar), and my all time favorite markers: Posca. Unlike Copics or prismacolor, Posca markers are a new marker- a paint marker that creates opaque shapes and once dry you can layer color just like paint itself. I've seen these more and more in art stores, in school, they are everywhere, and there is a reason!

Whoever created Posca, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!

That brings me into the cards we are creating today: Marker cards!


• You may or may not have posca markers, though I highly recommend them (find them here ), so use any markers around your house: Crayola, Copic, Prisma color, Rosa Art, etc. There are SO many brands!

• The only other material you need is paper: I used these mixed media postcards which can be found on Amazon as well. I know Strathmore has a set as well, but If you don't have these cards, feel free to use any type of paper you like (I recommend cutting it to 4x6 as it is a manageable size- not too big, not too small!)


1. These cards are very fun, for they are literally anything you want. Create a picture, a quote, find inspiration through nature, through baking, anything! Just begin creating your cards!

2. When the front is all decorated, finish off your card by outlining it in a contrasting color.

Do this by taking the tip of your marker and dragging it around the edge of your card. Be steady with your marker, for it does like to slip off the edge of your card and potentially mark up your art work.

3. Now all you have to do Is write a beautiful message on the other side of the card and BAM! Your done and ready to send out to all your favorite people! (But don't forget a stamp before putting your postcard in the mail! You can get stamps from a local post office.)

Markers, like people, are very vivid; they are filled with ink and color and endless opportunity. I ask you guys to try out different markers, for just because you may be a Crayola gal (I've learned from experience), doesn't mean there are so much more you have yet to learn!

Now go, create, and below are this week's Posca-card images you guys can drag and drop onto your desktop and share via online or print them out and create a tactile card! I'd love to see everybody's cards: Share using #notedgooness on Instagram and submit your cards as part of the Noted Challenge (see menu bar of this website)!

Have a You-nique day!

Your girl,


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