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Workin' in the Wonderful Week 4 Update

Alright guys! We are doing this-- I never thought I would say it, but after 4 weeks, I've already created two 20 minute long videos! What on Earth! Me talking for 20 minutes straight, lol! But actually it has been so much fun! I've been messing around with Adobe Audition where I can mix multiple tracks together, and I've even included some music in the background-- I know, so much fun! I have a history of making videos very crazy because I just love background music-- but I've checked with my little brother and he says it's subtle enough to not overpower my voice- if he says it's gucci, then we are rockin' and rollin' and workin' in the wonderful!

The topics within my podcast are mean't to inspire others to be themselves and Work in confidence, hope, joy- utilize them as tools in their everyday lives. In the first episode, I tried to capture confidence in many different ways. I'd ask the audience questions to give them something to think about before following up with examples of what it means to be confident- love yourself, I tried including a personal story, but ultimately got around to the idea: how can you be more confident in your everyday lives. How can one push the boundaries of themselves to evolve in their self love? Confidence.

The second 'session'- I really don't know what to call the videos as a whole... episodes I guess. Anyway, the second episode featured Hope and Dreams. How the concept of having hope can bring you positivity and get you moving forward in tough times. Tying into that concept was bringing in dreams- how with hope, putting your faith in positivity, dreams are always possible. And through confidence and hope you are more likely to discover what you truly want out of life itself.

Okay, so those were some quick summaries, and I'm finding that many of these topics piggy back off each other. Confidence brings hope in the same way hope brings

strength and so on and so forth. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, third podcast in production! The podcast creating has been fun in that I've experimented making it a couple different ways. At first I thought that it needed to be scripted- how can I talk for 20 minutes straight, if I merged clips together wouldn't it sound choppy? I typed up an entire monologue, and well, let's just say the monologue was extremely monotone. It sounded like I was reading off of something- you know, like a voice over. Which I was, but it just sounded too bland. That's when I resorted to my usual go-to: Winging it. I know a lot of people don't like this concept, but I've found that I am that person who goes all in or steps back and lets someone else take the reins. For this podcast I listened to my gut and scrapped the script. From there I recorded different chuncks, different ideas, different statements and questions until finally I had enough content to merge together. It was time to unchop the chopped. I found Adobe Audition after researching the best tools to make a podcast- diving in, I found how to import my media in a multi-track waveform, then from there began editing. Adobe Audition is much like I-movie, but it is only for audio files... Perfect!

I altered and edited clips, bringing to life a composition that sounds more like a solution than a mixture if we're talking chemistry terms. A mixture that was missing something. SO I found a fun classical background music mix on youtube, Mikey showed me how to download it, and after inserting it into my track, I finally had my mix! I exported it as an MP3, and here we are... Now I'm just trying to figure out how to work everything. Do I put them up all at once, or do I dish them out as I make them every other week? I'm not quite sure- I think my next step will be asking others what they think I should do. I've already created my logo (pictured above), so I'm excited to finish this puppy up and submit it to apple or spotify and maybe get a real podcast icon on these sites!

Alright! That was the update!

I hope you guys have the MOST AMAZING DAY EVER!!!

Happy Saturday! Ur GUrl,


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