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Front Steps is a nonprofit organization here in Austin, Texas supporting over 4,500 people yearly locating homes, providing medical and professional resources, and supporting the homeless within our community! With the winter storms devastating most of Texas, these guys NEED HELP!! Through their kindness to go out and ensure safety and security to those who don't have a roof over their head, it is SO important that we SUPPORT THEM- SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY!! Read more about Front Steps here:

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Using the link below, not only will you be able to purchase a T-shirt from Bonfire, a T-shirt fundraiser website specifically developed to raise money for nonprofit organizations, but upon purchasing your Legendairy Comfort Colors T-shirt, donating the profit from that sale to Front Steps, you will also be able to donate directly to the cause when checking out! It ends on March 3rd so support TODAY!!!



Who this T-shirt is perfect for:

• Anyone who goes to, went to, supports UT!

• If you're a Raider, Aggie, Bear- get this as a gift for your UT friend- talk about random acts of kindness all around!

•Any family, get matching T-shirts for you and your kids- who knows, maybe they'll attend one day!

Fun ideas for your shirts:


• Attempt embroidery! The black lines create perfect shapes to hone in your craft ;-)

•You can also crop them and add fringe if you're crafty!

The campaign/ T-shirt fundraiser ends March 3, however by ending the Tshirt sales doesn't mean you can't support your local shelter!! 

There are endless opportunities to support these shelters, and if not a T-shirt, please reach out to your local homeless shelter to volunteer, donate quality blankets, food, and most importantly send cash to help them stay open and progress with all the support they give to others!

We are ONE community, let's support each other!

Thank you SO MUCH!

Your Girl,


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