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Hello everyone! My name is Melissa Richardson, and I am a creative queen whose passion toward design is leading me on a journey of exploration, innovation, and opportunity to make the world a better place!
I've always been a vivid dreamer, glass half full, god-believing, future planning kind of girl. Growing up in Austin, Texas, my house was always steaming with the commotion of creative projects and the sweet smell of chocolate chip cookies wafting throughout our home in all hours of the day!
I've experienced building a clothing line, Created volunteer opportunities for teams of all sizes, experimented with podcasts and course creation, freelance work in baking and art alike, a wild ride of exploration with a purpose of aspiring to inspire. Inspire others to find their creative joy, empower girls and women- but honestly, humanity in general- that they can overcome anything in front of them, and express not only my inner shine, but compose a place and shop to inspire you to be the YOU-nique human that you are and be PROUD of YOU!
Feel free to reach out with any questions, ideas, or collabs!

Thank you!
Mel ;)
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