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A Passion, A Purpose, A Mel-inspired Mission

Hey Y'all! If you are reading this, you have stepped into the colorful, whimsical, completely radical mind that is Mel. This blog will be where I capture my progress- share the works-in progresses, and do my best to share the development of my various collections! My goal is to make these posts short and sweet, perhaps throw in a narrative here and there, but all-in-all share my world with the world as honestly and as authentically as I can!

So what has inspired this sudden urge to document: It's kind of crazy- I haven't picked up a book in so long and decided to read a textbook on the first One-Hundred years of National Geographic. I've been captivated by their scientific discoveries and feast of adventures that constantly make my mind believe in the power of endless possibility. For a girl that has trouble reading, I've gone through 100 pages in the last 2 days completely inspired. Maybe it's the thought that it WILL (we are manifesting) be me one day writing just as explorers Robert Pearcy, Bell, Grosvenor had when the Geographic first started; Perhaps it's the idea that within this documentary holds the keys on how I can build my brand, perhaps it's both ;).

Between National Geographic, and speaking with multiple professionals about their careers and how they built their empires, one story that truly sticks out is that of Justina Blakeney. Y'all- this woman is absolutely fabulous! Jungalow, her brand which started out as a blog in the mid 2010's has been inspiring people, winning awards, and becoming such a success in the interior design world- and she took the time to talk with ME- so COOL! Anyway, I realized that I would have loved to see more pictures, more photographic interpretations of these writings as what sticks in my head as an artist is not the written article, but the photographs that accompany these constant musings.

Here is the current state of my dorm-room desk:

In this way, I have changed the name of this particular 'blog' to 'muse' for I'm hoping to make it more inspiration and visuals-focused!

Alrighty, that's it folks!

Have a beautiful day!


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